A group of childhood friends has noticed a series of strange disappearances in the bustling city of Winterhaven, no witnesses, no struggle, no pattern. It is a mere 2 months until the winter solstice and the great festival in honour of Helm, who protects the town from the darkness that winter brings. The great dragons of the Vale are stirring, and a tension no one can explain is palpable throughout the region, from the heart of the Dawnforge Mountains where Calastryx slumbers through her curse for now over a millennia to the Cairgorm Peaks where Vestapalk dreams of dark days and dark destinies. When history from the ancient past hurtles present day people into calamity, old covenants will splinter and ancient feuds, re-ignite.

A Great Cataclysm approaches and the Gods watch with apprehension, will the Heroes of Winterhaven be able to avert it?

The Shadow over the Vale, The Lady's Gambit.